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I have been teaching O' levels Computer Studies & A' Level Computing for the last 15 years overall, in some leading school systems (Beaconhouse, The City School etc.) of Karachi, Pakistan. 

Due to change of syllabus from O Level Computer Studies & A level Computing to Computer Science in both categories, I have accepted the new challenges of the current syllabus, I've taught & prepared to the batches of 2015 for May/ June 2015 CIE exams by the grace of almighty.

I've never dreamt of taking teaching as my career in the beginning during my masters in Computer Science but I hadn't any choice except making it my profession due to market saturation. 

It has been a very sensational experience building future products in terms of students' career development in the competitive market place meeting future challenges. 

Though, I have written some handouts such "Computer Glossary", "SDLC Guide" (for Computer Projects), and "ATC Guide" (Alternate-to-Coursework for Paper 3) for previous syllabus shared with hundredth of students, my current achievement is my books (Concepts of Computer Science for paper 1 & Algorithm Design & Programming Concepts for paper 2) that have been written and published for O Level Computer Science. 

These books are written by any Pakistani writer for O' Levels Computer Science first time ever. 

I am very optimistic to almighty Allah that my efforts for students of O levels & A levels would fulfill all requirements of the CIE (Cambridge International Examination), Inshah Allah.

Ashfaq memorial hospital, karachi